Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carrying Wall Finishes Up on the Ceiling

Windsor Smith - House Beautiful

Carrying a wall finish up on to the ceiling is a wonderful trick used to expand a space and make the planes of the walls and ceilings disappear.  It's very effectively used with low ceilings, oddly angled ceilings, and in spaces where the intent is to wrap the room in an envelope of sameness so that objects and furnishings stand out.  I love how Windsor Smith, above, used the patterned wallpaper to visually raise that ceiling.

Leslie Klotz - House Beautiful

Imagine how low this ceiling would have felt if there had been contrast between the upper wall and the ceiling. What a great use of this little trick.

Barbara Westbrook - House Beautiful

See that little odd angle in the left corner above?  It would have been accentuated if there had been a difference between the wall and ceiling.  As it is your eye goes straight to the artwork, then the marble below.  That funny angle is hardly noticeable.

Amanda Kyser - House Beautiful

Imagine the low angles painted in a different color as the "ceiling". It would've sliced into that space and drawn your attention away from the vibrant rug and interesting wall of books.

M. Elle Design - Elle Decor

This space soars all cloaked in the same color wood.

Leslie Klotz - House Beautiful

Skye Kirby - Traditional Home

Tom Scheerer -  House Beautiful

Keith McNally  - Elle Decor

Healing Barsanti - House Beautiful

How effective was it to paper the soffit running around the room?  It visually raised the ceiling another foot. 

Another fabulous design tool that makes a big impact!

Please excuse my absence this past week.  Many projects are on the boards and under construction!  I'm looking forward to sharing lots in the fall!

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