Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fresh Greens Mixed With Fake

I love fresh greens at Christmas, but the fact is they dry out so quickly inside your home.  At least with a tree, you can keep it in water, but fresh garlands just get downright crispy way before Christmas day.  Combining fresh and fake can get you close to the look and scent of a fresh garland.  Just keep the main structure with it's decor intact and change out the fresh as often as you like. 

Before - all fake

After with fresh clippings placed randomly in the garland - it's not so tight or controlled looking either.

One package grocery store greens - you could clip from your own garden or pick up at the neighborhood Christmas tree lot.

Fresh greens brighten up just about everything at Christmas.

They smell so good too!

It's almost here!  Are you ready?

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