Friday, February 4, 2011

A Couple of Awards

I want to congratulate Chris Hanson, who won my giveaway for local real estate agents. He has won a free photo shoot from professional real estate photographer, Cathi Taraboi, of Cathi Taraboi Photography! One of his properties will have some beautiful photos so it will sell fast! Things have really picked up in The Woodlands and there is a lot of activity in the real estate market here.

I have another award, the Stylish Blogger Award, to give away. I was lucky enough to be awarded this by the following blogs....please check them out and learn something about the world of interior design. They are great sources for style and design. Thank you for my award!

A Mind on Design

Sofas and Sage

My Notting Hill

Now, I must finish the requirements of this award!

1. Thank and link back the blogger that awarded you.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Award other fellow bloggers, bloggers that really touch you or that you read often.

4. Contact these bloggers to let them know they have won the Stylish Blogger Award.

Okay, seven things about me.

1. I love blogging! I've actually been doing this for a few years but have only recently reached out to other bloggers. I'm really enjoying the interaction and feedback.

A bathroom remodel designed for a wheelchair user.

2. I'm passionate about interior design. I know many people feel it's a frivolous endeavor, but I believe a person's environment can have a big influence on their quality of life. I've seen clients transformed from being embarrassed about their homes and refusing to have friends over to throwing wonderful parties and enjoying where they live. I've seen clients, my mother included, be able to use their remodeled bathrooms and kitchens as they age, after using some basic universal design principles in planning the design. I've seen people take up a healthier lifestyle and enjoy a new passion, cooking, by fully utilizing their newly remodeled kitchens. I really believe that good design is good for the soul and spirit and yes, it's fun too.

My daughter in her dorm room freshman year. She has a bohemian spirit and an eye for design. I may be working for her some day!

My son, freshman year, at his dorm door. He'll graduate this semester and he has a wonderful job already lined up. Yay!

3. I'm enjoying being an empty nester! I love my two wonderful children above and I love when they come home from college, but I have a tendency to throw myself into things completely with blinders on and that's hard to do with kids at home. I'm working so much now I can really immerse myself into my projects without much distraction.

Loved this book on disc! Jim Collins himself reads it and he's so passionate!

4. I love learning about business. Being in such a creative field, I never understood how business could be creative too. Boy, was I wrong! A business is like a living being that responds to all kinds of influences. Branding, marketing, pricing, employees, the law behind business practices, it all intrigues me and I can't get enough. Balancing it all on a daily basis to make a successful business is challenging and fascinating.



5. I loved living overseas. I would suggest to just about anyone that if you get the opportunity, seize it! I'm glad I had my children with me to share the experiences when we lived in Australia and Norway. We had wonderful opportunities to travel and made some great friends and memories along the way.

6. I hate hot, humid weather. Winter in Houston is my favorite time of year, otherwise I'm staying inside in the a/c! When I moved to Norway I thought I'd come home. I loved the weather there, four seasons and little humidity. It's a problem, living in coastal Texas.

7. I collect ceramics and art glass. When we travel, I always try to find something to bring back home. I have a weakness for cobalt blue. After a trip to Deruta in Italy, I came back with bags full of ceramics and a husband who was quite annoyed with lugging all that around!

Thanks for reading and please check out these lovely blogs and enjoy the eye candy and quality information!

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Ada and Darcy - A blog from down under with beautiful finds by Kellie Collis

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Hill Country House - Great info about antiques and such by Ann Williams

Quintessence - Living well with style and substance

Splendid Sass - See some beautiful design project photos here

Have a lovely weekend! Stay warm!

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